Long History of Success


 Origin of the name Mitographers

The question is often asked what does the name Mitographers mean.  Mitographers (mi togr e fers) is a combination of two components "mito" and "graphers or graphics".  "Mito" is a Greek word for fibers and strands woven together into a fabric mesh.  This identifies the base synthetic material used by modern screen process printers to create the stencil or photo screen.  "Graphy" explains the photographic process and techniques used in the creating screen stencil.  The words and its variations were coined by an early technical writer by the name of Albert Kosloff who wrote a wide range of articles during and after World War II.  It was his hope that mitography or mitographers would eventually replace "silk screen printing" since silk is no longer used by screen process printers. 


History - Early Days


Early Days 

The Company was founded and began operations in 1977 by Judy and David Van Veldhuizen in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  The Company was founded on the belief that manufacturers and processors in the upper Midwest could benefit from the services of a high quality and reliable provider of custom screen printed products.  With humble beginnings in a rented facility and one employee the market was generous and accepted this new enterprise.  After a few years the original facility proved to be too small and the Company moved to a facility in an industrial park.  That facility was outgrown within a few years when in the late 1980's the Company purchased land and built a custom building in the Sioux Falls Empire Industrial Park just minutes from the local airport. 

History - Recent Years

The years prior to the millennium provided opportunity and acceptance in the market place for The Mitographers products and services.  As more and more clients were added the current size of the facility proved to be inadequate.  The size of the production and support facilities were doubled in size coupled with additional equipment with technological advances the provided production capacity and capability.  The Company has launched a new initiative recently deploying Lean Manufacturing cultures.  The result has provided clients with a very high standard of service and products.

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