It's "MITO" for short.

Discover more about the experts providing a wide range of decal services to meet even the most daring requirements.


Who are we?

The Mitographers is your full-service supplier of high-quality industrial, commercial, and vehicle graphics and decals. Family owned and operated for over 40 years, we boast an exceptional staff made up of industry experts, many of whom have over 35 years of screen-printing experience. Our capabilities are substantial, our knowledge is extensive, and we ship our products all over the world.


Why the name?

“Mito” is a Greek word for fibers and strands woven into a fabric mesh, which identifies the synthetic material used by modern screen printers to create the stencil or photo screen. “Graphein” refers to the photographic process used to create the screen stencil. The word and its variations were coined by an early technical writer named Albert Kosloff, who wrote during and after World War II. It was his hope that mitography would replace the phrase “silk screen printing” since silk was no longer used by screen process printers.


Environmental Responsibility

EcoVadis is a global sustainability ratings platform that evaluates the environmental, social, and ethical performance of companies, providing businesses with comprehensive assessments and benchmarking their performance against industry standards. As part of the EcoVadis program, we are committed to meeting rigorous environmental, social, and ethical standards, ensuring our sustainability practices are continuously improved.